About us

Our approach to helping you succeed

We’re Dot Origin, an independent technology company with over 20 years of experience in identity, security and proximity solutions. We have developed our EdgeConnector physical access control software from the stand-point of leveraging secure open standards, and IT best practises, to facilitate joined-up security solutions that enable organisations to address security holistically.

We’re not interested in locking customers in to proprietary hardware and credentials, so our software allows choice and flexibility. We can advise on credential standards and their security, along with identity management solutions that span both the physical and logical domains; utilizing our expertise in multi-factor authentication, public-key cryptography and data encryption.

Rather than giving sales presentations, we’d always rather show customers working demonstrations that illustrate how our solutions fit-in with day-to-day operational needs. And we’re always happy to support customers with proof–of-concept kits and pilot deployments to prove the effectiveness and manageability of systems in real-world usage – request an evaluation kit.

Just because we are experts in security and access control, it doesn’t mean we expect our customers to already be familiar with all the intricacies and pitfalls of the technical solutions available. We’re very happy to discuss requirements at an early stage and give advice based on our extensive experience – without bombarding you with sales calls and irrelevant emails.

Our EdgeConnector software manages millions of access requests for our customers all around the world. Since its launch in 2008 EdgeConnector has been installed in organisations of all sizes, including central and regional government departments, universities, police and health care services,  as  well  as  major financial sector companies – read some example case studies.

Let us help you with your access control requirements!