Why it’s better

Unified identity & access management benefits

EdgeConnector radically simplifies and strengthens access management across the entire organisation. Developed by IT security professionals, the EdgeConnector software was designed from the outset to be an integral part of a secure network infrastructure, and to facilitate centralised identity management for both physical and logical access.

Stronger & simpler security

Streamlined workflow. Simplified staff enrolment & off-boarding. No duplication, or double maintenance, for separate physical and IT access control systems.

Centralised management and monitoring of physical access rights for all personnel, across all sites, from anywhere.

Real-time permissions updates. Enabling and revoking access has immediate effect at all doors.

Unified & standardised IT infrastructure

Reduced workload. No additional databases to support, secure, or back-up.

Easy extension to multiple sites. No need for complex and costly dedicated synchronisation devices to link conventional site-centric systems.

Data security & compliance support

Rationalized administration processes  help to avoid the common issue of former employees retaining IT access permissions.

Location-aware IT access control capabilities can be used to restrict the use of critical applications and access to sensitive data to secure working areas, for protection and compliance.

Compatibility & scalability efficiencies

Scalability ‘straight out the box’, covering all staff and all sites on the IT network. No additional per user, per server or per site license fees.

Flexibility to choose ID-card technology and avoid vendor ‘lock-in’ and the  capability to use one ID-card for multiple applications; thereby minimising identity and access management costs.

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