EdgeConnector support and updates

The EdgeConnector software support and maintenance contract entitles you to on-going assistance via email, telephone and remote desktop connection from our offices in the UK and North America. The support contract also entitles you to the latest software updates. New versions add extra features and improvements, often in response to customer suggestions. The main features of the most recent releases are listed below.

Our expert technical staff can help you implement policies, scripts, and other specific configuration settings to get the most out of our integrated physical access control solution. Special requirements can often be catered for using our advanced integration APIs, or through custom development by our software team.

EdgeConnector comes with comprehensive documentation, including example wiring diagrams for door controllers and their connection to a variety of readers, locks and other door security hardware.

If you have any technical questions about EdgeConnector please contact support.

Recent software releases and new features

Version: 3.6.0 – released 11 May 2017

  • Axis A1001 door controllers have been added to the hardware supported by EdgeConnector (which includes HID Edge controllers and Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks).  An Axis controller configuration guide is included in the documentation.
  • The list of card number formats supported has been extended to include HID10302 (37 bit) and HID Corporate 1000 (35 and 48 bit), in addition to HID10301 (26 bit), HID10304 (37 bit) and “non-format” card numbers (such as UIDs or CSNs). Multiple card formats (and facility codes) can also be supported simultaneously.
  • Additional lock alarms and door events from Aperio L100 lock sensors (including notification of unlocking by mechanical key) can now be handled.

Version: 3.5.0 – released 26 Oct 2016

  • Multiple network domains within Active Directory forests are now supported.
  • Config Wizard enhancements include fast navigation options and easy configuration of Aperio devices with associated door sensors.
  • Multiple site-specific configurations of EdgeConnector Manager can now be used in parallel.
  • EdgeConnector Manager enhancements include context menu (right click) optional navigation, advanced search and filtering features, plus a user-access scenario testing function.

Version: 3.4.0 – released 12 Feb 2016

  • Assa Abloy Aperio wireless hubs and locks have been added to the door control hardware supported by EdgeConnector.

Version: 3.3.0 – released 12 Jan 2015

  • Card+PIN functionality has been included to support doors with suitable PIN readers.
  • Samsung NVR/Camera integration with video event viewing functionality has been added.

If you’re not using EdgeConnector already – see for yourself what it can do: