See for yourself with an EdgeConnector evaluation kit

We have evaluation kits comprising full feature software, door controller hardware, together with cards and a card reader, for you see for yourself just how simple it can be to integrate physical access control with existing identity and access management systems.

When you’ve seen EdgeConnector – you’ll wonder why all commercial door access systems aren’t designed the same way. Leverage Active Directory for role-based physical access control with no additional databases or synchronization required. Manage physical access for all users across all locations without complexity, in real-time.

EdgeConnector customer evaluation kits can be purchased for £900 / $1200 / €€1100, and the hardware can later be used on a door after the evaluation has been completed. Evaluation kits are limited to 1 per customer.

To request an evaluation kit, just tick the option on our contact form. We will contact you to confirm the kit configuration required along with your purchase order and shipping details.

What’s included

EdgeConnector software & door license
The physical access control server software and management client console. The physical access control system can be manged and monitored from the secure EdgeConnector management console on any network connected PC. (Door access privileges can be set via the EdgeConnector client console, or alternatively, directly in Active Directory or other AD-linked identity and access management application).

Identity credentials
Contactless RFID cards that identify door users. EdgeConnector supports various technologies, ranging from 125kHz Prox and 13.56MHz MIFARE Classic to the most secure iCLASS, SEOS and DESFire standards, any of which can be combined with PKI-based IT access credentials in the same ID-card.

Credential reader
Identity credentials are presented to a reader to request access through a controlled door.

Compatible door control hardware
Typically powered through the IP network using PoE/PoE+, the door control hardware unlocks a door when triggered to do so by the access control software.

EdgeConnector support
Online support to help you install and set-up the EdgeConnector software and get the evaluation kit running. This can be converted to an annual support contract once you are happy to proceed.

What’s needed

Microsoft Active Directory
Your existing database of staff members that controls their IT system access is used to control their door access as well.

Windows server, client PC and IP data network
The on-premises or cloud based server(s) hosting Active Directory, and the EdgeConnector service software, connect to the door control hardware through the IP network.

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